Unsure of what to create? Discover previous commissions from a select edit of our designers below.



These one of a kind rings were made from 18ct yellow gold; on the left is a Brown Hexagonal Diamond, with smaller Champagne Diamonds and tapered Green Tourmalines. The middle ring features three untreated Montana Sapphires, and on the right, two untreated Montana Sapphires and a White Diamond. 


Natalie's main collection is in yellow gold, but the pieces above show her designs commissioned in a wealth of materials. On the left, her Floral Bloom Earrings in 18ct rose gold, in the middle, a 18ct recycled yellow gold Flower Ring set with a Citrine & Tourmaline and on the right, her Diamond Flower Studs in 18ct white gold and diamonds. 



Ellis' main collection is in 14ct yellow gold and diamonds, but she works to commission in different metals and gemstones. On the left, a yellow gold ring set with Rubies, Tourmalines, Tanzanites & Sapphires. In the middle a pair of earrings made from a clients inherited Green Tourmalines and yellow gold, and on the right a clients heirloom Diamond set in yellow gold.



Niza works to commission in a range of different stones and metals. On the left, a Blue Diamond in yellow gold, in the middle, three Opals in silver, and on the right, a Kite Grey Diamond with a halo surround in yellow gold.


These are just a selection of styles available to commission - get in touch to explore your ideas and create a truly unique piece.