At URSA we believe it is crucial to work with designers who operate in as sustainable and responsible a manner as is possible. Within the jewellery industry, we know it is easy to buy into cheap base metal jewellery made in large factories; we instead offer pieces of quality, that will last.

We choose to work with independent designers whose work is made from high quality metals, such as silver and gold and diamonds and gemstones. URSA is a guarantee of exceptional quality and craftsmanship, each of our fine and demi-fine designer-makers are handpicked for their quality, expertise, and traceable practises. This means the jewellery you receive is made to last, rejecting fast fashion norms.

We encourage our customers to look for jewellery they love and learn the origins of the pieces and people who have designed them. Our vision is for customers to discover jewellery they feel confident wearing, with the knowledge that their jewellery has longevity and traceability ingrained.



We reject social norms surrounding jewellery: in both how it is worn and by whom. We have moved away from outdated ideas of separating jewellery into either 'masculine' or 'feminine', we group our jewellery by object type (ie ring/necklace) without dictating who should wear our jewels creating gender neutral pieces.

Ultimately, we aim to showcase jewellery that empowers our customers. 



We have carefully curated our designers to ensure that we represent unique jewellery, from both established and emerging designers, to give our customers first pick of the latest and most exciting pieces. Our Concierge service allows customers to customise existing designers or create entirely new pieces that are one-of a kind.

We are proud to represent an eclectic mix of aesthetics, from our range of cult designers with signature styles.