We get asked a lot about how to find the perfect ring fit.

It's so important and can be confusing, so we want to help. 

You don't want to the ring to fly off when it's cold, but you also don't want your ring to fit so tight that it's uncomfortable on a hot summer day.

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Your ring should slide on over the knuckle fairly easily and then take a bit of a wiggle to get it off.

It's a good idea to size your finger a few times on different days to get a sense for how much your fingers fluctuate.

If you have a more prominent knuckle, you may need to use hand cream to help slide the ring on an off your fingers.

You don't want it to feel too loose once it's over your knuckle, and sitting on a slimmer part of your hand.



You will be different ring sizes depending on the ring widths you wear.

Wide rings  will feel tighter than slim rings, so you may need a bigger size to compensate.

Narrow rings are more forgiving and put less pressure on the hand so you can get away with a smaller size. 



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