Hex Capsule Pendant Gold


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The Capsule Hex Amulet Pendant has both elegance and edge and can be worn alone for a longline, sleek look or layered with other pendants and chains for further personal expression. 

18k gold plated stainless steel
Black onyx semi-precious stone

Chain length: 76-80cm adjustable
Pendant length: 5.7cm
Pendant width: 13.8cm

Inner product usage:

The pendant unscrews via the hex nut.  Its inner chamber is intended to store CBD, other wellness or beauty capsules to use on the go, a scrolled note to yourself or a loved one, or anything precious to its wearer that fits in the chamber.  


The Hex Pendant takes its inspiration from ancient amulets.  Going further than a purely symbolic amulet, it opens to reveal a private chamber to contain product, making it totally bespoke and personal on the inside.  Black onyx on the base  is used to repel negative energy, relieving stress, and helps us to let go of the past. Black onyx is perfect for the hustlers among us, aiding entrepreneurs in good decision-making and protecting them from adverse opinions of others.  The engraved Egyptian Nefer symbol symbolizes beauty and goodness and means, “beautiful on the inside and outside”, reflecting the capsule nature piece. 

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