Horse Chinese Zodiac Necklace


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The Chinese zodiac Horse necklace is inspired by the ancient Chinese calligraphy character of Horse (Ma 马), the seventh of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. People born in the year of the Horse are filled with energy and spirit, and are always on the go, making them hard to pin-down! Ever the extrovert, Horses thrive in large social gatherings, where they revel in the spotlight. Cunning, quick-witted and good-humoured, Horses can sometimes appear self-absorbed, but will always find time for others, no matter how active they are.

Chinese calligraphy is an aestheticised form of handwriting, a way of expressing language as an art form filled with meaning. Each piece in this collection is hand-carved by Loveness Lee as a way of practicing Chinese calligraphy in metal, a shared form of expression between two intimate forms of handcraft.


18ct Gold plated Sterling Silver.
18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver 18" chain

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