Jewel Beneath Signet Earrings Black Onyx and Sterling Silver


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A twist on a classic signet ring, these strong yet elegant Jewel Beneath Signet Earrings contain a semi-precious stone set geometrically into their metal edge. Wear the earrings alone or layer with others for a more personal look.


GSterling silver
Black onyx semi-precious stone
All metal is recycled

length: 1.8cm
Width: 0.9cm


The Jewel Beneath collection is inspired by strength, resilience, and archaeological finds.  The digging and chipping away at rocks to reveal hidden treasures is symbolic of the  breaking through of a person’s true nature; and triangle geometry represents strength from within.  The inside of the ring is engraved with the Egyptian symbol for “was”, in the shape of the staff carried by the Pharaohs, which represents personal power and domination. Black onyx repels negative energy, relieves stress, helps us to let go of the past and is one for the hustlers, aiding entrepreneurs in good decision making and protecting them from adverse opinions of others. 

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