Melody Cocktail Ring Fuli Peridot


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Details: 18k white gold, pave diamonds, peridots

"Peridot is known as the gem of the sun and of hope, when Zeemou was approached by Fuli Gemstones to work with their peridot, it ignited his creativity, and he was instantly inspired by the incredible zing of its fiery green hue, and being the gemstone of hope. In our current climes, hope is what we all need to embrace the new normal. Zeemou has used Fuli Gemstones peridot beads to bring a new colour way to the Melody cocktail ring, which allows gems to roll within a secure white gold and diamond setting. When held to the ear, the movement creates a unique chime distinctive to its material, peridot.

About FULI Gemstones Peridot:

Fuli Gemstones is a progressive mining company, run by a dynamic, multi-cultural team. The company owns the largest known peridot deposit in the world, called Yiqi Nanshan. Fuli’s vision is to build the most captivating gemstone company in the world, that is considerate of the planet, and inspires creativity. Fuli’s Chinese heritage and forward-thinking approach provides the perfect platform for partnerships with international designers and luxury brands. The Yiqisong Nanshan mine is located in the foothills of the tranquil Changbai Mountains. The peridot gemstone from this region is characteristically vibrant grass green, with exceptional hue and saturation that requires no treatment. Fuli Gemstones offers a consistent supply of superior gemstones, supported by active global marketing initiatives with full traceability on its products. Fuli Gemstones philosophy is simple: Natural Innovation combined with Positive Change.

ZEEMOU ZENG carefully selects each of the collection gemstones. As they are natural, the colour may vary from one creation to another.

The Melody collection is a clever design solution.  Each piece incorporates a unique movement mechanism so that the gemstones can slide to create a new look each time it is worn. Additionally, each piece is playable and creates a sound or ‘tune’ as the gemstones slide within the piece.

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