Monkey Chinese Zodiac Necklace


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The Chinese zodiac Monkey necklace is influenced by the ancient Chinese calligraphy character of Monkey (Hou 猴), the ninth of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. Life is a race for Monkeys, a rapid-fire sequence of situations and experiences that are felt more than thought. Excitement and enjoyment are their chief motivation, and this attitude is as likely to lead to achievement and joy as it is to disappointment and reflection. In many ways, the Monkey is the youngest at heart of all the zodiac animals.

Chinese calligraphy is an aestheticised form of handwriting, a way of expressing language as an art form filled with meaning. Each piece in this collection is hand-carved by Loveness Lee as a way of practicing Chinese calligraphy in metal, a shared form of expression between two intimate forms of handcraft.


18ct Gold plated Sterling Silver.
18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver 18" chain

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