Ox Chinese Zodiac Necklace


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The Chinese zodiac Ox necklace is informed by the ancient Chinese calligraphy character of Ox (Niu 牛), the second of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Ox sign is famed for its thoroughness and strength. Honest and trustworthy to the bone, those born under the sign of the Ox have unwavering principles and heightened ambition, bestowing much value and significance to both their family and their work. Oxen are enduring and resilient and, while they can struggle with sudden changes in circumstance, they are usually able to turn hardship to their advantage. People born in the year of the Ox are also extremely dependable, making them loyal friends and faithful, loving partners.

Chinese calligraphy is an aestheticised form of handwriting, a way of expressing language as an art form filled with meaning. Each piece in this collection is hand-carved by Loveness Lee as a way of practicing Chinese calligraphy in metal, a shared form of expression between two intimate forms of handcraft.


18ct Gold plated Sterling Silver.
18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver 18" chain

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