Symbols Serpent Necklace - 18ct Gold-Plated


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A sculptural take on symbolism, the Symbols Serpent Necklace is an empowering statement piece that can be styled alone or layered.  Ancient symbology and a vintage style chain are fused with contemporary, fluid lines and a highly polished finish.

18ct Gold-Plated Brass
Recycled metal

Chain length: 41.5
Middle ring: 2cm


In ancient cultures, the ouroboros snake, the snake that eats its own tail, symoolises a cycle of life, death and rebirth, renewal, which can represent any new transition in our lives and moving forwards to a more positive future.  This infinity symbol holds a deep meaning for spirituality, love beauty and power.  In a world full of distraction and complications, the symbol of infinity represents a sense of simplicity and balance, reminding us to be mindful of where we are now, and the endless possibilities we have before us. In antiquity, the twist or knot symbol represents the path of life and symoolises the strong bond between loved ones.

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