The Ribbon Engagement Ring.


We love hearing about and seeing the process behind our designer's bespoke commissions.

For our Meet The Maker series we spoke to designer Clio Saskia about a recent bespoke ring.


The Story:

James and Agostina approached me with a unique design idea for their engagement ring, inspired by James' proposal using a beautiful gold ribbon tied in a bow.

They wanted to create a ring which was inspired by this ribbon, and asked me to creatively explore some designs. The rich history of symbolising eternity in jewellery, such as Russian wedding rings, möbius rings and love knots inspired the idea to use two flowing and intertwining ribbons.

As it is her engagement ring, James and Agostina also decided to include a diamond in this design but opted for a fancy yellow diamond to bring a fun pop of colour to compliment her beautiful skin tone and vivacious personality.

The textured design is also as a nod to her sunny Sardinian heritage, where filligree and granulation techniques are popular in traditional jewellery.

I created the ring texture using the exact same ribbon James proposed with, to commemorate and celebrate this beautiful story, and the diamond is elegantly nestled in between these flowing ribbons. 

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