We love our designers - their unique styles and incredible aesthetics are what makes URSA such an amazing platform.

In another Meet The Maker post, we spoke to Natalie from Natalie Perry about the inspiration behind her jewellery; read more below.

How did the brand begin?

I knew I wanted to make jewellery when I was about 16 after realising that all my art projects at school ended with me making a jewellery piece. I went to university to study Jewellery and Accessories before working for a diamond jewellery company in Jaipur in India as a jewellery designer, and then starting my own label in 2017.


Who is the client you design for?

My clients tend to be women who are buying jewellery for themselves - they have a clear idea of their own style, don’t fall easily for trends and care about how and where their products are made. When they purchase a piece of jewellery it will complement their style for a lifetime. 


What is your current inspiration?

I’ve always found inspiration when I travel because I’m taking the time to absorb the world around me and be in awe of the new things I’ve discovered. Most recently due to Covid, I’ve been digging up my scrapbooks and revisiting the far-flung places I’ve travelled to that way in order to keep myself inspired. I love researching ancient jewels as I’m always inspired by the ways the craftsmen worked the metal without the use of modern tools and technology, plus the age of something and the mark of the hand is very beautiful to me. I try to use ancient techniques in my own work and take the time to handcraft each piece. My love of textiles, influences the textures in my work, the tactile way in which I create them and the little details that make you want to look closer. I also love being outdoors so nature plays a huge part in my inspirations and the forms I design too. 


What is your favourite piece in the latest collection and why?

I love the Floral Bloom Hoops because they are statement yet really light weight so you can wear them all day in comfort and they instantly elevate an outfit. They were the first piece I designed in the Floral Fragments collection and therefore the basis of the entire collection so they hold a very special place in my heart. 


What is your plan for the brand in 2021?

I’m currently designing a new collection of fine jewellery pieces which will incorporate coloured gemstones and a unique style of setting inspired by flowers which I’m looking forward to launching in spring. I’m also working to expand my bridal collection so new engagement rings and wedding band styles will be dropping throughout the year.